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Ladybug Graphic Creations
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27th-Mar-2007 11:45 am - Update
Katalina - brown polka dot
I am currently in the process of rebuilding this journal as a place to display all of my graphics. As of right now I've only got a few up, mainly my icons. Things to come include banners, wallpapers, headers and whatever else I may have that does not fall into specific categories.

If you wish to take any of my work all I ask is that you leave a comment letting me know, if you wish to use one of my icons you may simply credit ladybug1219 or ladybugcreation in the keywords. Basically all I ask of you is to not be a dick, do not take my work and claim it to be your own.

I am not one of those graphics journals with a bunch of stuck up rules, there are no "credit or face the consequence" warnings, just a simple journal offering nothing more than my creations. If you like them, wonderful, if not, keep it to yourself.

Credit/Affiliate/Promotion Post
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