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ADP Mood Theme

To activate the theme just follow these instructions..

~go here (open in a new window and do not close) and type in "moodtheme_create tori adp" and click "execute"
~there will be a 6 digit number in green, that number is very important because it will be the id number of your mood. so write it down so you wont forget.
~open notepad or something of that sort and take this code
, where it says "moodtheme_setpic 372037" you are going to need to change every "372037" to the green number you wrote down from the second step.
~if you are using notepad you can click Edit -> Replace in the "find what" box put in "372037" and in the "replace with" box type the green number you wrote down.
~once that is done, go back to where you got the green number and paste the textbox code in that box and click "execute"
~once that is done go here and you can edit the theme, rename it, whatever you want, then click "use" and your new mood theme should be activated!

Also, I have created a new community, music100, a 100 Icon Challenge community which allows you to chose any claim you want regardless of it being already claimed or not, and gives you the option to create your own set of specific theme lists that matches your claim.
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